10 Tips On How To Write Better And The Reasons Why They Work

Image: Diego Schtutman

Experienced writer Josh Bernoff, who is set to release a book titled Writing Without Bullshit, has recently produced an article that dishes out “10 top tips writing tips and the psychology behind them”.

If you are somebody who needs to write anything at all, even emails, in the course of your work, it would do you good to try to write more clearly and effectively—this post not only attempts to help you do that, but also explains why these strategies work.

For instance, Bernoff states that writing shorter would help you hold on to the attention of impatient readers—to do that, you should remove “warming up” text and get right to the point, without including unnecessary details and repetition.

Other tips featured in this post includes avoiding the passive voice and jargon, citing numbers to back up your point and stating key insights at the beginning.

Read the entire article here—do you think these tips will help you become a better writer?

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