8 Spa-Worthy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

By Allie Briggs

If you’ve ever put in hard time living with a less-than-aspirational bathroom as a renter or owner (NYC fam, don’t be shy), you know the distinct mixture of jealousy and bliss you feel when walking into a washroom that can only be described as #goals. Warm, heated tiles greet your toes, soft LED lights make you look like an Instagram model (so this is selfie lighting?), and spa-worthy wooden touches convince you you could park yourself right there and start paying rent. Not a dinged-up mirror or leaky shower head in sight.

Familiar with this type of interior envy? It’s high time to leave the ghost of bathrooms past behind and upgrade to the tricked-out, totally Zen bathrooms of the future. From a motion-sensor light-up mirror to an electric towel-warming rack (yep, those exist) to one of Moen ‘s innovative, magnetic shower heads, these easy buys can turn a functioning-at-best bathroom into the coolest spot in your pad. Just don’t be too surprised if you spend a little more time getting ready each morning.

Who doesn’t love shower karaoke? Install these waterproof speakers to start your day on the right note — whether you’re feeling chill tunes or power anthems.

Mr. Steam, $187.5, available at Amazon

Your a.m. rinse is sacred you time — ever heard of shower thoughts? — so it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take the hassle out of your routine by upgrading to one of Moen’s Magnetix handheld showers, and savor every misty moment.

Moen, $100, available at Moen

There’s no bliss quite as tangible as stepping onto heated tiles on a chilly winter morning. Luckily, installing your own makes for a relatively easy and cost-efficient DIY project, too.

Watts, $204, available at Amazon

Forget tile; nothing conjures spa vibes quite as well as dreamy, wood-paneled walls. (Celebs know it, too.)

Design Innovations, $25.97, available at Lowes

Nothing beats the memory of mom wrapping you in a warm towel as a kid, but this wall-mounted towel-warming rack comes pretty darn close.

Virtu USA, $213.99, available at Wayfair

Ever walk into your bathroom in the morning and immediately duck for cover from the garish, blinding light? Banish fluorescent bulbs for good, and make the trade for softer, more energy-efficient LED lights. Your groggy morning eyes will thank you.

Moen, $192.71, available at Moen

The ultimate post-shower downer? Stepping foot onto a cold, soggy bath mat. The fix: Swap in a water-resistant, durable teak version — it even looks the part.

CB2, $39.95, available at CB2

You’re already sold on the benefits of LED lighting, but this modern-day magic mirror takes things one step further by turning on when it detects movement. Welcome to the future, friends.

OVE Decors, $209, available at Home Depot

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