Beat Post-Summer Blues With These Fun Fall Ideas

By Allie Briggs

We’ll come right out and say it: Fall enthusiasts get a bit of a bad rap. With endless memes mocking PSL drinkers (cue eyeroll) and the so-called basic-girl uniform (who doesn’t love sweaters, scarves, and boots?), it’s easy to forget how many amazing benefits the in-between season actually boasts. Crisp, sunny weather ( without the humidity and frizz), picturesque foliage, and the food — don’t get us started on the food. Fall-lovers have the right idea.

If you live in an area where the temps remain more or less the same — looking at you, West Coasters — don’t feel like you’re missing out on the best of fall’s festivities. In fact, to prove there’s still plenty of seasonal fun to be had whatever your zip code, we’ve rounded up 29 whatever-the-weather, fall-centric activities — from vineyard hopping to antique shopping to coordinating squad-worthy halloween costumes — that’ll guarantee the season is full of adventure. No post-summer blues here.

Who needs an excuse to wine all day?

S’mores = definitely not optional. Don’t have access to an open fire? Fake it till you make it with these delicious s’mores dumplings.

If you’re already burned out on the seasonal staple, try swapping it for the less-hyped, equally delicious chai-tea version.

Or if you can’t find any foliage, opt for fall florals instead.

Enjoy the fresh selection of Oktoberfest beers. Extra points if you BYOS (that is, bring your own stein).

Pro tip: Count every turn you make to avoid getting lost.

But really — grab a BFF and hit your area’s local mountain range for the day.

It’s about time those ankle booties came out from hibernation.

No lifeguards means they’ll have free reign to run and explore, meaning you’ll have plenty of cute new screen-saver options.

No better way to spend the day than scooping up fresh apples at your local orchard. Be sure to grab a box (or two, who’s counting) of apple-cider donuts for the road.

Nothing says fall getaway quite like a dreamy rental tucked in the woods with your closest pals.

If saving $35 isn’t motivation enough to skip cycling class, the gorgeous views you’ll experience IRL just might be.

Who says picnics are reserved for summer? Enjoy a day at the park with all the essentials — sans bugs and humidity.

Try your hand at Grandma’s legendary recipe with those apples you picked at the orchard.

Now’s your shot to try that fancy dish you pinned last year.

Pick up farm-fresh ingredients, and maybe even snap that bl0gger-style produce pic. (You know the one.)

Carve — or don’t — said pumpkin into Pinterest-inspired perfection.

Yes, PSL dessert punch is a thing, and we’re totally here for it.

FYI, these hilarious, squad-appropriate looks from last year are still on the table.

Extra marshmallows, please.

Yep, it’s totally acceptable to attend solely for food and booze. Go team!

Doing a good deed literally never felt so good.

Pick up some antique Halloween decorations while you’re there.

Switch out your sappy beach reads for an intense thriller or nonfiction novel. Not sure where to start? Peruse our editors’ latest picks here.

Being cozy never looked so fly thanks to this year’s super-extra sleeve trends.

Make up for the exhibitions you missed while you were out sunbathing.

Add some color to your desk with a fresh DIY arrangement. It’ll almost make you feel better about summer Fridays being gone.

Take advantage of lingering summer temps (and score major points with your BFF or bae) by renting a canoe for the day.

If your wardrobe isn’t averaging at least two plaid items a week, is it really fall?

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