Upgrade Your Morning Roast With These DIY Marbled Mugs

By Allie Briggs

Marble Mugs (Final)

Because a morning cup of coffee is a non-negotiable in our books, it’s safe to say we’ve developed somewhat of a special relationship with our go-to mugs. But after many a morning cup (and a few emergency refills, too), our once-favorites have certainly seen better days. Luckily, we’ve got just the fix. All you need? Nail polish, a plain mug (available at most craft stores), and a bowl of hot water. Pro tip: Once done, celebrate with a fresh, delicious cup of The Original Donut Shop® Coffee.

1 plain white mug
1 bottle of colored nail polish
1 large bowl

1. Fill a large bowl with hot water.

2. Pour your favorite color nail polish into the hot water.

3. Dip mug halfway into the mixture, holding it for 3 seconds or longer.

4. Remove mug from water, and let excess polish drip into the bowl.

5. Once polish is done dripping, turn the mug upside down and place on a folded paper towel or clean tray. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

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