The Instagram Makeup Looks Our Editors Are Wearing On Halloween

By Megan Decker

There are two kinds of people at a Halloween party: the ones who spent $100 on their costume and hours watching Youtube makeup tutorials, and the ones who threw some blue eyeshadow on their lids and dubbed it “mermaid.” And if you fall into the latter camp, but secretly wish you were a bit more creative, we feel you — the line between trying too hard and doing nothing can be fine.

That’s why we rounded up some semi-simple makeup ideas that our inspiring our editors’ looks this year. Ahead, find the cool, creative, and achievable Halloween makeup looks from Instagram. Colorful and crafty plus a little bit of lazy is going to be your sweet spot.

“I’m pretty lazy when it comes to Halloween, and often end up repeating the same costumes year after year. But I don’t count this new take on Galaxy makeup as a carbon copy of what I wore last year. I am considering it an upgrade, which I can apparently create with Fenty products that I’ll actually use again.” — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director


“What better opportunity to break out the gold glitter and red lipstick than Halloween? This year, I’ll be pairing this Wonder Woman-inspired look with big, voluminous curls, every gold necklace I own, and a red one-piece bathing suit worn under black skinny jeans. It’s the perfect balance of girl power and total laziness.” — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor


“I’ve been obsessed with disco since my pre-teen years — mainly because my aunt used to play Thelma Houston, Earth Wind & Fire, and Donna Summer on repeat. So this Halloween, I’m determined to be the disco girl of my dreams — complete with jewel-toned eye makeup, big, bouncy hair, and flared pants. I’m using this photo as inspiration. Technically, it’s makeup artist Jason Alex’s interpretation of Rihanna’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ makeup, but I think it will be perfect for my disco look. Groovy, right?” — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer


“I still haven’t seen Suicide Squad TBH, but I’m really inspired by this makeup look inspired by Margot Robbie’s character. I feel like it’s original enough that no one else will be wearing the same thing, but also recognizable enough that I won’t have to explain my costume to people all night. Plus, it’s an excuse to wear pigtails and clip-in hair color.” — Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant


“This is probably one of the most basic Halloween looks, but this take is somehow both cute and weirdly mesmerizing. I can’t look away. Bonus that there’s little color, glitter, or paint involved — I could do this with a white, gray, and black shadow, and some highlighter.” — Michaela Rollings, Associate Partnerships Manager


“I’m always at a loss for inspiration when it comes to Halloween costumes, so this year I actually asked Siri for some suggestions. Her response: ‘Go as the solar eclipse. Dress in all black and just stand in front of things.’ Brilliant. A little eclipse-inspired makeup and I’ll be good to go.” — Kelsey Castañon, Senior Beauty Editor


I’m channeling a ‘head in the clouds’ look this Halloween.” — Lilac Perez, Associate Casting Director


“I love super creepy makeup this time of the year, but I don’t have the skills to pull off the looks that some of my favorite beauty bloggers. This one is pretty easy, though, as long as you have a thin eyeliner pen. Instead of yellow between the seams, you can go with red and add a droplet of blood near the mouth. Or go with bright neon green and look radioactive!” — Valis Vicenty, Beauty Writer, Snapchat Discover


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