This Electric Makeup Trend Is Lighting Up Instagram

By Valis Vicenty

One of the best things about makeup is its ability to trick the eye. For example, a little contour can create fake shadows that sculpt your face, while using two lip hues can make your pout appear larger, or smaller, with clever color placement. The same can be said for the latest trend to sweep Instagram — but it’s not what you think. Enter: Pops of neon so real, they look like they’re glowing.

No, this fad isn’t just a brighter version of the day-glo brights we regularly sport in the summer — this technique actually mimics the fluorescent lights that line Times Square. But in lieu of using UV or blacklight makeup to create them, makeup artists have raided their kits for white liner and shockingly bright shadows to light up your feed.

What’s more, beauty buffs have taken it beyond their eyes and lips to create some unique looks that are perfect for Halloween and music festivals. The trend shows no sign of turning off, so we rounded up the looks that are sure to set your creativity into overdrive, ahead.

This was among the first Instagram posts that spread like wildfire across social media platforms and ignited a slew of others. Although Australian makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet had first tried the look back in 2016, it was her recent, glittery version that took social streams by storm. The trick? Use white liner to create a continuous line around your lips to mimic a bright billboard sign.

Image via @genevievejauquet

In the past, we’ve used concealer to clean up and highlight our brows, but Instagrammer Divina gives it an electric spin by highlighting the inner half of her arches. Plus, she added a dusting of fluorescent freckles to tie the whole look together.

PHOTO: Image VIA @divinamuse

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, we’d be the first to call this look the nightlight take on the trend. Simply add a teeny flick of white just above your classic black wing and diffuse the surrounding area with the shadow you’re rocking on your lid.

PHOTO: Image VIA @blondiemoustache

Just because you’re playing with neons doesn’t mean you have to surround them in black shadow. You can still make a serious statement, no matter what hue you choose, just be sure to layer your white liner before and after you start swirling on your eyeshadow so it really pops.

PHOTO: Image VIA @ultraviolentmakeup

While the crease has become one of the most popular places to illuminate, we love how makeup artist Hareem Salim brightened up the inner corners of her eyes with a light ring in a contrasting color.

PHOTO: IMAGE VIA @hareemdoesmakeup

Just like any makeup trend, you shouldn’t feel a need to stick to a script to pull off something amazing. Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines of your eye area and create colorful shapes that speak to you and your aesthetic.

PHOTO: IMAGE VIA @ lousymindlesssalesgirl

Two trends in one look? We’ll take it! Australian makeup artist Charlotte Fenwick traded her signature crystals and glitter for a few dashes of pink neon for a this rad look.

PHOTO: IMAGE VIA @charfen_

As the trend began to pick up steam on social media, French makeup artist Marion Moretti offered up a two-toned take by highlighting her cut crease with pops of pink and blue. Bonus: She posted a tutorial to provide a detailed step-by-step on achieving the look.

PHOTO: OMAGE VIA @marioncameleon

Give your sculpting technique a colorful, comic book twist by lining and shading the angles on your face where natural light hits. Top it off with a bold lip, and you’ll be set to stun as soon as you step out.

PHOTO: IMAGE VIA @beautifiedhustler

Why choose one or two hues when you can wear the whole rainbow?! Though only known as Jane Doe, this self-taught makeup artist created a colorful cut crease with a hazy neon glow. If you’re going to combine colors like Jane, just be sure to blend before moving on to the next shade so the look doesn’t get muddied.

PHOTO: IMAGE VIA @makeupbyjanedoe

Your look doesn’t need to be perfectly precise, either. Draw on your liner any way you like it — we love the unique inner and outer wings on this look — and diffuse the look with a shadow in a punchy shade.

Image via @naturallyerratic

Got a lot of light on your eyes (and brows)? You don’t have to dim your shine — just apply a glossy nude lip gloss to balance out your beat.

Image via @awmarymarymary

This electric twist on Pennywise ‘s clown makeup is sure to light up the night and leave everyone in a fright this Halloween.

Image via @iamarisu

If you scroll through Instagram’s #neonmakeup hashtag, you’ll find a slew of illuminated skulls peppered throughout the results. The best thing about it? You can customize the look to suit your own bone structure and have it appear in certain areas.

Image via @doceolhos

You can further customize your skull with a cluster of crystals — just be careful if you’re sipping and snacking this Halloween.

Image via @zoe.rain.mua

Need a more subtle take on the trend? Layer your neon light over a neutral smoky eye and go bold with a dark, glossy lip.

Image via @somethingelsebae

Or go big and bold by trying the trend as a full-faced look. Talk about stealing the spotlight!

Image via @niquenaturaltm

We’re always down to get matchy-matchy with our makeup.

Image via @brinaj_artistry

Paint-splattered pouts are also starting to gain steam on social networks, so why not combine both trends into one lip look?

Image via @vitaliy_platunov

Does anybody else hear “Born This Way” while glancing at this gorgeous interpretation on the trend? The prismatic appearance looks amazing with paired with splash of matching faux freckles!

Image via

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