This Is The Beauty Secret You Forgot About

By Jolene Edgar

Illustrated By: Norah Stone

Sure, people are still obsessing over getting fuller lips and contoured cheeks, but lately there’s been quite a buzz surrounding a less in-your-face body part: your neck. Despite the fact that the neck shows evidence of sun damage much faster than the face, this sensitive area has commonly been one of the most neglected spots on the body in terms of sun protection and anti-aging action. That is, until now.

Subtle changes often start in the neck area — dry or thinning skin, fine lines, a loss of crispness along the jaw — in a woman’s late thirties. Larger “issues” tend to develop a decade or so later. But many people are concerned about their necks regardless of age, and the beauty industry is tapping into these insecurities big time. For better or worse, we’ll let you decide. We don’t judge what anyone does (or doesn’t do) with or to his or her body — neck and all — we’re just here to let you know what’s out there.

From the scads of lifting creams landing on our desks daily, to the latest jaw-line tightening treatments hitting the market, to the new under-the-chin fat-melting injectable Khloe Kardashian is promoting, suddenly it seems like neck products and treatments are everywhere. Ahead we talked to a handful of dermatologists about all things neck-related, from the most basic products they recommend to the most extreme procedures.


Of course, we recommend using sunscreen on your face daily for protection and preventative measures, but be sure not to forget your neck. “Because we have less fat underlying the neck skin, it gets crepe-y and lax faster than the face,” says

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